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Facebook’s new EdgeRank Algorithm in Effect

This is what happened to Bizlia’s Facebook Page (since Facebook’s last EdgeRank update)

  • Blue = Total Reach (number of people who see Bizlia’s Posts)
  • Green = Total Likes (number of people who liked Bizlia)
  • Pink = Facebook Page Posts

Quite literally, the total number of Facebook Page Likes has doubled yet the total number of people who are seeing Bizlia’s posts became half.

Why? Most likely because Facebook is trying to make more money through their new feature called "Promoted Posts". That’s why they are making Bizlia’s posts reach less people so that Bizlia pays them to reach more people. Everyone’s gotta make money somehow and Facebook’s approach is targeting startups, local businesses, artists and brands etc. to pay for mass media attention - the very "free" reason which lured them to use Facebook in the first place.

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