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Freaking out about tiny technical details

As I work on Bizlia, sometimes I feel the need to obsess about minute technical or design details. One such tiny detail was the website’s speed. Throughout the beginning of Bizlia, I used to obsess and boast about the website’s speed. From many different user experience advisers, I’ve learned that an average user is willing to leave a web page if it takes longer than 5 seconds. What’s worse is that the web page abandonment rate increases exponentially as the load time increases. What’s even worse is that search engines like Google penalizes websites that takes longer to load!

So naturally I tried to make Bizlia as fast possible. For a while, it was faster than 97% of the world’s websites (according to Alexa). However, as time passed by I stopped looking at that metric due to the lack of Alexa’s accuracy in most metrics. Then someone recently told me that Alexa was ranking Bizlia faster than only 54% (down from 97%) of the world’s websites. Naturally, I freaked the f**k out! Then I came to the conclusion of why this happened (because I haven’t heard any actual user complaints about website speed):

  1. Alexa has started counting the Bizlia Blog (Tumblr) as well as the Bizlia Guide (Blogger) within it’s speed metric. Tumblr & Blogger are slow like that.
  2. As more and more content is added to Bizlia, more and more users start using Bizlia and Bizlia’s servers will eventually need to scale larger. This is what we can make an impact and fix upon.
  3. As a friend of mine pointed out: Alexa website speed metrics are bulls**t. Use proper tools to measure your website’s speed and judge for yourself. Granted, you wont be able to compare with other websites but at least you will be able to compare the website’s page load time against what a user expects.

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